What about TA65?

Reversing biological ageing with Chinese herb

A recent segment in Today Tonight, August 9 2013, mentioned that there is a new cosmeceutical ingredient TA65, an enzyme that replenishes telomeres, can reverse skin ageing.

This Chinese herbal extract is reputedly able to give the telomere a longer life span. The telomere is a small piece of DNA at the end of our chromosomes that protects our genetic material and preserves the cell lifespan. Scientific evidence suggests that the telomere shortening is directly related to cell ageing and death. If you can prevent the telomere form shortening you can extend the life on the cell. However more research is needed. Dr Michael Elstein, a physician practicing at The Eternal Health Medical Centre in Sydney, warns that the condensed tablet form of the enzyme called TA65 can have side-effects if you’re already sick. People with cancer are strongly advised to avoid TA65. It is only a breakthrough if we are able to cause healthy cells to continue to multiply. However, some cells, such as cancer cells must be programmed to die. We must not cause the telomere to become more viable in cancer cells.

All new technology, such as topical TA65 and growth factors must be clinically trialled before release to the population.

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